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Instant Messengers & Chat Rooms
Who used to have accounts with AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and the like? Those things simply ruled the 1990s throughout the early 2000s. I remember using AOL Instant Messenger the most, as it was more commonly used among forum members I'd wanted to keep in touch with. I liked that you could share files with each other with ease, and group chats were a lot of fun. We didn't use our real names, so hiding behind an online alias was the norm. You didn't know what they looked like or where they lived. Anonymity is something that I truly miss about online communications in general these days.

Of course, like all other trends, they lost the battle to social media. Fortunately, since people are increasingly getting sick and tired of corporate nonsense surrounding those things, as well as desiring more privacy again, the likes of Discord have been increasing in popularity.
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