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Hellhound (JP)
Hellhound is a Japanese speed/thrash metal band that's been together since 2002. They currently have an EP, three full-length albums, a live video, and a single. The latest release is the aforementioned single from 2015. Guitarist and vocalist Crossfire is also in the heavy/power metal band Mastermind. Former bassist Swordmaster used to provide live support for Metalucifer.

Musically speaking, this is definitely within the confines of retro thrash metal, but Hellhound also combines elements of other Western metal, such as USPM. The vocals of Crossfire on Metal Fire from Hell remind me a lot of Rob Halford during the Painkiller era of Judas Priest.

For fans of Metalucifer, Exciter, Judas Priest, Accept, Hallows Eve, Agent Steel, and Raven.

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Seen the name around for years but never bothered to check'em out, so thanks for posting this, loving the Accept vibe from the second track.
Added the list of items to buy :)
FinalShawn wrote:From that list, I chose Death...

Instagram @dutch_steel

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I got the second album off Hells Headbangers Records' deal right here.
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Sadly, they announced their longtime drummer Dragonblaster has left the band today on their FB page. Hope they find a suitable replacement in the near future.
M. Z. A.
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New song, "Speed Metal Hell", ready for listening below:

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