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Carnage (SE) - (1990) Dark Recollections - 8/10

Artist: Carnage (SE)
Release: Dark Recollections (1990)
Rating: 8/10

Dark Recollections is an awesome oldschool death metal album. Its atmosphere is blasphemous, dark, and cutting. I wasn't so much surprised about how the album sounded, it was to be expected but I absolutely loved my expectations. The guitars sound like they're slicing through your ear canals, the bass sounds distorted and heavy, and the drums sound like they're in the middle of a rotting process, making them more eerie than ever. Songs like the title track, "Torn Apart", and "Blasphemies of the Flesh" sound like they're coming directly from a fiery hell, with infectious and loose riffage. "Infestation of Evil" and "Gentle Exhuming" remind me of Deicide's debut, or even earlier death metal releases such as Possessed's Seven Churches.

The technicality is nothing to brag about, this album has a very oldschool sound to it, including the musicianship. Very rarely are there fast double bass parts, if any at all. But that doesn't mean that it sucks! In fact, the low technicality fits Dark Recollections perfectly. I wouldn't have it any other way, it's got everything that I look for in a death metal release.

About the production - it's raw. If you like raw production like I do, then this record is for you. Again, it has a very blasphemous and dark edge to it. One of the last few words is even in the album name! The vocals are of typical death metal fashion, shouts and growls, but nothing too guttural nor shouted. Matti Karki does an excellent job of yelling his way through Dark Recollections, he gives off a Glen Benton vibe for me.

Overall, Carnage is a great band. They only released one album, this one, before dissolving in 1991. The guitarist, Michael Amott, went onto joining Carcass and later creating Arch Enemy. Matti Karki, Fred Estby (drums), and David Blomqvist went onto reforming Dismember. I'd recommend this album to anyone who's interested in any type of death metal (old, new, traditional, brutal, etc..). So, check out Dark Recollections, it's got some awesome tracks and the rough production is amazing.

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Love this album,  great review keep it up. Big Grin

Also if you haven't got it yet buy this compilation, a great resource if you're just getting into it.

FinalShawn wrote:From that list, I chose Death...

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