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Blue-Balled, Angry, Desperate, Gamer Virgin Freaks of Nature
Post about the Internet's saddest loner losers here. Chris-chan will keep his own thread. He's a legend...in his own mind.

Starting with MadThad0890. If you're looking for something truly moronic to witness, then look no further than the crazy, deluded world of Thaddeus McMichael, a convicted pedophile who stupidly announced to the world — more than once — that he possessed child pornography, and would even go about explaining where and how to download that.

If you want to laugh your ass off, just read the criminal complaint:
Quote:12. THADDEUS LEWIS MCMICHAEL (MCMICHAEL) was interviewed during the execution of
the search warrand in Southfield. During the interview MCMICHAEL was shown a printout of
the Facebook profile page for the user ID MADTHAD08 and confirmed the account and profile
belonged to him. MCMICHAEL was then shown a series of printed screen shots containing
statements he posted on his Facebook page and was asked to explain the posts. The
following are the statements from the printed screen shots accompanied with
MCMICHAEL'S responses:

: a. On 10/03/2011 in response to the statement "Stop downloading all that cee pee
: Thad, you're just asking for it" being posted by another user on MCMICHAEL'S
: STOP SUCKING DICK SO SEXY." MCMICHAEL claimed this post was a joke.

: b. On 11/02/2011, MCMICHAEL wrote "that feel after you fap to cp. It's a feel like
: none other. It's like your floating on cloud 9 or something. fapping to some 40
: year old woman with fake tits makes your cum smell rotten. But fapping to a 9
: year old girl attempt to please some guy with a hairy stomach makes your cum
: squirt out with such pure intensity that you feel like your floating on air. and the
: way your dick feel, OH GPD YOUR DICK will feel so fuzzy and warm. You
: moralfags need to at least try to fap to some cp at least once before you die.
: Because there is no other feel like it." MCMICHAEL claimed this post was a
: joke.

: c. On 11/27/11, MCMICHAEL wrote "all cp isn't rape, Sometimes the kids want it,
: Most of the time they NEED it." MCMICHAEL claimed this post was a joke.

: d. On 12/01/2011, MCMICHAEL wrote "I gotta plan ahead, can't have all my
: classmates knowing I walk around with 6 gigs of cp...on my keychain."
: MCMICHAEL claimed this post was a joke.

: e. On 12/06/2011 in response to the question "How can you even be a pedo?"
: being posted by another user on MCMICHAEL'S Facebook page, MCMIAHERL
: wrote "anything younger than 16 is fine for me...thy have some 13 and younger
: stuff in here." MCMICHAEL claimed these posts were a joke.

: f. On 12/06/2011, MCMICHAEL wrote "I can fap to the came cp video for weeks,
: because it's sooo fucking hot!" MCMICHAEL claimed this post was a joke.

: YOU STILL WNAT TO SEE IT [link to video] For disabled people, sexuality is
: necessary...also it's CP...it's a nurse jacking off a 10 year old boy! not just any
: 10 year old boy, a retard 10 year old boy!" MCMICHAEL claimed ot have
: originally come across the video on 4Chan.org in the /b/ conversation thread.
: MCMICHAEL guessed the age of the male in the video to be eight to twelve
: years old. MCMICHAEL claimed the post was made as a joke.

: h. On 12/09/11, MCMICHAEL wrote "Yea, I carry around a 8 gb drive full of CP."
: MCMICHAEL'S response to being asked about this post was "I plead the fifth."

: i. On 12/11/2011, MCMICHAEL wrote "I got my cp on truecrypt." MCMICHAEL
: claimed this was a joke and that he did not have Truecrypt encryption software.

: j. On 12/17/2011, MCMICHAEL wrote "I'm not renting a damn laptop. I need to
: keep at least 4 gigs of cp on my shit and I not dealing with takeing if off when I'm
: done." MCMICHAEL claimed this post was a joke.

: k. On 12/20/2011, MCMICHAEL wrote "using the dsi XL web browser, no computer,
: $70 to see if they can fix it, no refunds, not sure if CP is on it or not..."
: MCMICHAEL claimed this post was a joke.

: l. On 01/04/2014, MCMICHAEL wrote "I JUST GOT THE GREATEST IDEA! what
: if i adot a little girl? I'm sure she wouldn't mind becoming my sex slave if i take
: her away from the orphenage. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE? IT'S
: FOIL PROOF! Once she become sef awear that i'm cumming inside of her
: nighty, i'll ask her if she'd rather go back to the orphenage or come back to bed.
: yes it's perfect! Theres no way she'd would turn me down. Now i just gotts
: to locate the michigan adoption agency tomorrow and my plan will be put into
: moation. Soon i'll have my very own loli and she'll have no where to run. BWAH
: HAHAHAHA BWAH HAHAHAHAAA." MCMICHAEL claimed that this post was a
: joke and that he couldn't possibly actually adopt a little girl anyway.

: m. On 01/20/2012, MCMICHAEL wrote "megaporn was the first place I ever got
: fappable CP. I twas 2 girls fucking each other. So hot I still fap to it to this day.
: RIP MAGAPORN. Gone too soon..." MCMICHAEL state that he had located
: and downloaded the described video about two or three years prior to the
: interview.

: n. On 01/20/2012, MCMICHAEL wrote "wake up, brother at school, mom at work
: i'm gonna finish what i started, go to the computer, internet is off because of
: unpaid bill, forgot my cp usb at home, doesn't have cinamax on demand THIS
: HOUSE IF FUCKING SHIT!" MCMICHAEL stated that he had actually forgotten
: his USB drive but that he was joking about it containing child pornography.

: o. On 02/01/2012, MCMICHAEL wrote "HOLY FUCK! I went to the liberby today to
: send some resamays out and left my usb drive pluged in a computer with all my
: cp, my resamay along with my name and address on if for about 30 mins. I can
: only thank kami-sama that nobody looked through it." MCMICHAEL stated that
: he had been at the library but he did not leave a USB drive behind.

: p. On 02/01/2012, in response to the post "All your CP fits on one flash drive? I
: expected better from you" being written by another user on MCMICHAEL'S
: Facebook page, MCMICHAEL wrote "it's 20 gigs." MCMICHAEL stated that he
: did not own a twenty-gigabyte flash drive.

13. On February 17, 2012, and February 28, 2012, Affiant previewed the eight gigaybe usb
flash drive belonging to MCMICHAEL. During the Affiant's review, numerous images and
videos of real children engaged in sexually explicit conduct including, but not limited to, the
lascivious display of the genitals and pubic area of any person, were located in the following
: a. \things\don't click
: b. \things\don't click\teens
: c. \things\don't click\cp
: d. \things\don't click\cp\cp

14. As of this date, Affiant found approximately 300 to 350 images and videos of child
pornography among MCMICHAEL's electronic media seized during the execution of the
Southfield search warrant.

15. Material found in the directory "\things\don't click\cp\cp" included images of tee-shirt designs
featuring images of child pornography. The images showed an internet address of
shirtmockup.com. The website shirtmockup.com allows users to upload images to design
their own tee-shirts and download the resulting image for free.

16. Also located onthe usb flash drive was a copy of MCMICHAEL'S resume.
What's even more pathetic is that after he was bailed, his newest status update got his ass dragged back to prison, where he will remain taking it in the shitter for almost a whole decade.

Aside from being arrested for being an obnoxious loudmouth, he has a "waifu" from a shitty school anime that he would dedicate himself to. He was so obsessed with that "waifu" pillow, he recorded himself attempting to fuck it. Just as bad as Chris-chan and "Julie"...

Creepy shit, eh? He's also done some equally cringe-inducing rants — mostly about being a "white knight" against piracy, even though he had to use torrents to get his disgusting child pornography. He also babbles as he munches on fried chicken pieces.

Don't forget the pink lemonade rant!

What more can be said? Guy's a fruitcake.
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