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2016/04/08 - Matt Vinci (Liege Lord)

1. Hey, thanks a lot for accepting this interview! What's been going on?

No problem, the band played Wurzburg Germany as headliner at Metal Assault Festival, we are finishing up writing new songs right now.

2. I've been informed that Liege Lord is currently producing a new album. Please tell me more about that.

The songs are almost all done, we're planning on what studio/studios we will use to record all the parts. We should be recording the new album around winter 2016, we are working on having the artist that did Master Control to do the cover art again.

3. Please tell me about the current status of the boxed set reissue that Metal Blade Records is said to be releasing at some point. To my understanding, it will contain the first three Liege Lord albums. What extras will be thrown in for good measure?

From what I know, the box set will have all 3 albums, a photo or poster of some sort, a patch, video on dvd and the 1984 demo, the 1985 EP as well with a booklet containing and interview and a retrospective of photos.

4. Back then, how much touring was there in support of each of your albums? Were you financed by the label? What were the setbacks, if any?

Not a whole lot of label support, they did help arrange a tour with Anvil and Candlemass. But we used to string together shows by just calling clubs and connecting the dots.

5. What factors led to Liege Lord splitting up in 1990? Did you join another band, or was it too frustrating to keep up with the industry anymore?

I personally needed to get away at that time, I was like 24 years old and I thought I needed to move on. The other guys kept playing though, different bands through the 90's.

6. Why was Andy Michaud no longer in the band after the release of Burn to My Touch? Was it difficult to find a new vocalist, or did you already have someone else in mind to fill in for him? Both vocally and personality-wise, how would you compare him to Joseph Comeau?

We wanted to find another singer but did not have one when we parted ways with Andy. We loved Andy but it was not working out for many reasons. Joe answered an ad in New York's Village Voice and we chose him because we really loved his voice and his professionalism. That worked out very well.

7. Are you still in contact with the former members? If so, where are they in life at this point?

Andy is in Connecticut he works and has a family, Drummer Frank Cortese owns a car dealership in Dallas, he's on that reality show, Dallas Car Sharks. Original guitarist Pete McCarthy lives in California and teaches music. Former guitarist Paul Nelson managed and played with Johnny Winter for years and has his own blues/rock band called Badass Generation.

8. Please tell me more about Deceiver, as information is quite scarce. How were you introduced to the band in the first place? Are there any recordings from that era that may end up seeing the light of day?

We were high school kids and were into Priest, we were playing old Maiden, Priest tunes some Accept - early 80' s stuff. We called the band Deceiver because we were Judas Priest fans. We did a demo with one original song and Metal Gods by Priest, Flight of Icarus by Maiden and maybe another song and I think that demo is lost to time at this point.

9. How would you compare the Liege Lord of today to the Liege Lord of the 1980s?

Just being older makes the band more professional, we're way better players for sure. Going back in time and doing something you did when you were in your 20's is surreal and more fun than the 1st time around so it's way more appreciated.

10. As a bassist, who influenced you? What brands have you also sponsored, and what's your current setup like? Have you tried playing different kinds of basses?

I grew up admiring, Jack Bruce from Cream, John Entwistle from The Who, when Deceiver was formed it was all about Maidens' Steve Harris, Pete Way from UFO, guys like that. I always use a Fender Jazz Bass I have 2, I have had a few Rickenbacker 4001 basses too. We have an artist endorsement from Ernie Ball, I'm having a Music Man Stingray Bass made right now.

11. Does it personally honor you to have Liege Lord's name lumped in the same group as many other then-underground metal bands that have went on to become widely praised nowadays, such as Manilla Road? What do you think of the "USPM" acronym? Do you consider Liege Lord a power metal band, or was it always an intention of continuing from where Iron Maiden left off, only faster and heavier?

We are honored and amazed how people remember the band. We feel lucky to be a part of a metal scene so loyal to the music. It's great. We will continue on with what we did on Master Control some of that Maiden influence but it WILL be faster and heavier, I can promise that.

12. As a musician, how critical are you of your own creations? Looking back, what would you have changed about the albums? Regarding the upcoming one, what will you do differently this time around?

Looking back, Freedom's Rise our 1st album sounds like an underground 80's metal album, pretty good to hear it now I think it still holds up. The 2nd album Burn To my Touch I would love to go back in time and re-do. The vocals are too loud, the bass is mixed way down. It needs a complete overhaul but again, if someone likes that 80's underground speed metal type music it is going to be what they want to hear. Master Control sounds fine, bass could have been a little louder in the mix!

13. After being away from the scene for such a long time, what was it like to experience being in a band again, and to witness thousands of young metalheads at festivals?

Like I said earlier, amazing and surreal. I never thought it would happen. Very exciting.

14. Aside from the upcoming Liege Lord album, what other plans are there for the band's future? Are you hoping to play throughout the United States at some point?

The plan is to get that box set out and the new music. We want to back in the game and not just playing the old songs. We do plan to play more in the U.S. I really hope that happens soon.

15. Thanks for this interview. Anything else that you'd like to add?

You're welcome I appreciate the interview, thank you!

Liege Lord

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Great interview!

seems like a down to earth person!.

can't wait for the new album and the boxet!.
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Good Interview Man, I liked the questions, and I did not know about the new album, which they are currently working.
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(04-09-2016, 01:20 AM)Ravenlord Wrote: Good Interview Man, I liked the questions, and I did not know about the new album, which they are currently working.
To be honest, neither did I. While I was aware that they were still working on the reissues, I thought that they'd just remain as a touring band. I'm looking forward to hearing the new music, and I hope that it will still live up to their first three albums. They don't owe us anything, though.
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Nice! Although I personally prefer a new record in the vein of the first two. Master Control is still the lesser one for me.
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(04-10-2016, 09:33 AM)Faber Wrote: Nice! Although I personally prefer a new record in the vein of the first two. Master Control is still the lesser one for me.
I actually agree with you that the first two albums are more to my liking, but I still enjoy Master Control a lot. There's never been a disappointing Liege Lord moment.

Thanks for your comment!
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Nice interview! Very talented bassist!

Looking forward to hearing some more LIEGE LORD!!!
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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, they're taking long with that long-awaited boxed set, aren't they? I hope it does find its way on the market soon, but they don't owe us anything. Great band, and AT LEAST those first two albums will never stop spinning in my collection. I like Master Control a lot, but I prefer the original vocalist more.
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